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Perception is a narrative thriller that puts you in the shoes of a blind woman determined to solve the mysteries of the house from her nightmares!

Remaster Update and Switch Version Coming on HALLOWEEN!

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Hey everyone!

Hope you're having a happy fall. It's our favorite time of year, between pretty much all of our family birthdays but more importantly (no, not pumpkin spice AMANDA)...


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It's the official Gardner holiday, so it's only fitting that the awaited remaster and Switch version drop ON HALLOWEEN!

We've got some spookiness for YOU!

  • New modes (Story and Scary)
  • Updated warning system
  • Bug fixes
  • New trophy/achievement
  • New lines by Angela Morris (Cassie, Poppets, Faith)
  • New, streamlined story with emphasis on themes of oppression and control
  • New art, audio and more!
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Keep your eyes out for the update incoming on that day, and check out Perception on the Switch! All current consoles and the Switch version will be on sale for $14.99 USD.

We can't WAIT to hear what you think about the Story/Scary modes, the new streamlined story (especially ch. 2), and the updated warning system!

Please keep in touch and let us know your thoughts! And please spread the word!

Thanks, everyone!

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