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Perception is a narrative thriller that puts you in the shoes of a blind woman determined to solve the mysteries of the house from her nightmares!

Annoucement 7 - Reward Tier Price Drops and a New Tier

We at the Deep End have some really exciting news for you. Perception's going great, but we only have two and a half more weeks to get funded and start hitting those stretch goals, so we are shaking things up and making this an even more rewarding game to back. Check out these amazing changes.

1) The Myth Hunter tier will now be lowered to $400 instead of $450. This book is so gorgeous, we just want to get it in the hands of more people, and now we can. It's UNLIMITED, so now everyone on this tier and above can have it in their home. The picture below is a work in progress so it will still go through some iterations, but damn we are excited to share it with you. Look at this thing - spectacular! Great collector's piece, great investment. 

2) We have lowered the Sounds in the Night tier to...wait for it...$300, down from $600. There are only three of these in the world, and each one is unique. They have sounds recorded on three separate, haunted nights at Echo Bluff. Think Paranormal Activity here. This is a really stellar reward and we can't wait to get it to you for less.

3) Here's the biggie, folks...it's the ULTIMATE CONTRIBUTOR tier. There is only one of these bad boys, and there's a reason. You get every single non-exclusive AND exclusive tier in the whole game! You'll be getting a text, voicemail, diary entry, letter/recording, bust of your likeness, the works! And the icing on the cake - you'll be credited as an "Executive Producer" on the game. This is an amazing opportunity and the best possible tier for an ultimate fan. We can't WAIT to work with you!

Thank you all so much for getting us this far! We know that with your help, we can push Perception over the goal and start hitting the stretch goals. Please do all you can to spread the word and share the love for Perception. We are so excited to bring this game to you, we just need a nudge.

And, coming soon, we have lots more exciting announcements on their way (can't  tell you what but WOW) so stay tuned. :)

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