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Perception is a narrative thriller that puts you in the shoes of a blind woman determined to solve the mysteries of the house from her nightmares!

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Update: New Presence Statue Pricing, a word about GOG, and what inspires Bill Gardner


Hey everyone, great news. The exclusive, limited edition figure by Robb Waters has dropped in price to just $1200, down from $1500. We are lowering it as far as we can simply because we can’t stand Robb’s amazing work to go by unnoticed, and we want this gorgeous piece in Perception fans’ hands. Each one is numbered and signed and there are only 25 total, so this is a perfect piece for serious game collectors. Pledge now and get a piece of Echo Bluff’s lore for your home.


Additionally, we updated our frequently asked questions regarding GOG. Here’s what we had to say: We looked into this and have reached out to GOG, unfortunately at this stage they cannot guarantee that the game will be released on GOG.com (they want to play it first), but it is certainly our intention to pursue this. They did tell us that IF the game will be released on GOG.com, all backers will have an option to choose to receive a code for their client instead of a Steam code. Please note that because we ARE approved Steam developers but not GOG, the game might release slightly later on GOG than it will on Steam. IF we do get greenlit by GOG of course.


Lastly, Bill sat down and penned an article on what inspires him. Scroll on to see what really goes on in his brain.



I’m often asked, what inspires you? Well, the answer depends on how much time you have because I could go on all day.  On the whole, I appreciate craft.  I love the little details that clearly show when someone has poured their heart and soul to something.  That goes well beyond media. 

Recently, to celebrate our ten year anniversary, Amanda and I went to Newport, RI, to tour the mansions.  Yes, this was also a work-related field trip.  I’m romantic like that.  Anyhoo, I thought yeah, I like big things and mansions are big, so I’m sure this will be awesome.  Wow.  I was so not prepared for the amount of awe.  From one spectacular room to the next, I stood mouth agape at the sheer splendor of marble, stone, wood, glass and fabric molded into phenomenal works of art.  I know little about architecture beyond what I’ve studied as a game designer, but I was floored.  And this, in turn, left a strong impression and undoubtedly worked its way into some of the feeling behind Echo Bluff. 

When I used to be a landscape designer, I took to marveling at the way other landscapers could create expressive plant beds.  It’s an area that I had not previously thought much about until I literally go my own hands dirty.  One of the fellow contractors we often worked with was a guy called Tony – we used to call him Triceps Tony because he was a mason and could probably crush a walnut with his elbow-pit.  Yeah, that’s not my inspiration.  The work he would create would blow your mind.  He would take a chaotic pile of several hundred stones and bit-by-bit assemble the most gorgeous, flawless walls you could possibly fathom.  Years later, I feel like I can still remember particular stone configurations as if they were stained glass. 

My point is that I really appreciate it when passion is tangible.  It’s that sort of thing that really makes me want to be a better designer.  To take something simple and mundane and make it into an experience – one that sticks with you and you can distinctly recall the fine details.   

So what inspired Perception specifically?  I’m already at the risk of overstaying my welcome and Amanda is starting to give me the stinkeye from across our home office, so how do you folks like lists?


Super Metroid – To this day I don’t think I’ve been more engrossed in a game.  From the opening credits to the final escape from an exploding planet, this game dug so deeply into soul that I still hear the music playing in my head when I walk around the house late at night.  I have always tried to capture the atmosphere this game breathed in all my work.  I hope Echo Bluff gives you the same feeling.

Silent Hill 2 – If you’ve played through you understand why the ending left such an impact on me.  The kind of narrative wrap up that makes you think about your time with the game in a completely different way.  To this day, I still love talking to other Silent Hill tourists about what Pyramid Head symbolizes.  I strive to bring that level of meaning to Perception.


The Shining – If you happen to catch me on one of my notorious zone-out-sessions, there’s a not insignificant chance that I’m walking through the halls of The Overlook Hotel.  That probably makes me sound way more like a psycho than I actually am.  Still, every nook and cranny of the world of The Shining creates a sense of mystery that begs the question “what happened here?” That same question is what drives a lot of your experience at Echo Bluff.

Memento – This film challenged what I knew about storytelling.  Sure, I’d seen countless films with unreliable narrators, but the look on Guy Pierce’s face when he discovers what might be the truth completely blew. My. Mind. 

Also, bourbon.


Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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